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Crypotocurrency M i n i n g has absolutely nothing to do with traditional mining. Cryptocurrencies are fairly new and are just reaching main stream now, where trading exchanges now allow cryptocurrency trading just like traditional FX currencies... investors are now affecting the prices of Bitcoin and Altcoins. Altcoins are any other coin after Bitcoin and there are now 600+ coins with new launches every day.

CPU M i n i n g is all about using your CPU or PC system running either WindowsTM or Linux to implement a hashing algorithm in order to make new coins, this applies to Bitcoin, Ethereum, DASH, Litecoin, Monero and many more coins. However, there are a number of hashing algorithms, which
has led to a number of different types of mining software, some cover more than one algorithm.

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CPU M i n i n g for Cryptocurrencies WILL totally load your CPU to 100% at all times.
CPU Mining is a cheaper way to start, but it’s not as efficient as GPU mining.
Solution Concepts recommends CPU mining only for newer cryptocurrencies, as the hash algorithm is very easy at the release of new coins and get’s more complicated as coins are generated.

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Solution Concepts can provide system components or complete systems for CPU mining. This can be a dedicated PC or a small form factor case with latest Intel CPU.

CPU mining, cryptocurrencies, crypto mining, cryptocurrency mining, bitcon, Ethereum, Dash coin, Monero, LItecoin, embedded cpu mining

CPU M i n i n g Software

Solution Concepts can provide all details on required mining software, which is Open Source, which means that it’s free to download and use as long as you keep to the license agreements.

Mining software is dependent on hardware and coins to be mined, we can provide impartial advise on what mining software to use and where to download it.

As CPU Mining software is free from Github reposititories, there are binary images, but be aware that these could be infected with virus or worms, always rebuild the miner from source code.

We can help you to achieve this or we can provide a complete mining system ready for use.



CPU M i n i n g System

Solution Concepts can provide custom PC configurations from low end systems to high end systems, standard ATX or rugged fanless small form factor systems with Intel or AMD processing units.


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Build time is normally 3 days after receipt of payment.

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